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Help Us Help You With Account Security

Colorado PERA continues to ensure member accounts are as secure as possible. Last June, PERA enhanced the security of online accounts by implementing multifactor authentication (MFA) when members log in to their PERA accounts on  

The goal of MFA is to create a layered defense, making it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access your account information.

If you haven’t logged in to your PERA online account lately or haven’t set up your account yet, we suggest logging in to your account soon so you can enroll in this extra layer of security. 

Okta Verify Is the Way To Go

While there are multiple ways to log in to your secured account with MFA, including text message and voice call, we suggest using the Okta Verify app (available to download via the Apple store or Google Play). Okta Verify provides the highest level of security and is the most reliable option. Log in to your account and click “Okta Verify” for helpful tips on how to set up the app. Please make sure your phone number listed under your online account is correct before beginning this process. 

Why Should I Use the Okta Verify App?

  • While still reasonably secure, text message interception by fraudsters is possible.
  • Wireless carriers have periodic delays and you might not get the authorization code quickly enough.
  • Call blockers (for spam prevention) can prevent receiving the authorization codes via voice call making the process longer and possibly prevent you from accessing your account in a timely manner.

Please keep in mind: If you are struggling with receiving your codes and you have a landline (or another phone available to use), call from the landline so we can help you navigate on your phone. PERA representatives cannot change the phone number associated with your online account. Please log in to your account to make that change.