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HB 22-1057 | Public Employees’ Retirement Association Employment After Teacher Retirement

The Colorado Legislature passed HB 22-1057 during the 2022 legislative session, and the bill was signed into law on March 17, 2022. 

Under current law, Colorado PERA retirees are limited in how many days they can work after retirement without a reduction in benefits. This bill temporarily waives those limits for qualified service retirees working as substitute teacher in any school district, or charter school, where there are critical substitute teacher shortages.  The retiree must hold a valid teaching license to be considered eligible. 

This waiver does not count against the additional ten 140-day retirees that the district may designate each calendar year. The district does not need to submit any type of designation form for substitutes working under this provision. 

The provision is set to sunset July 1, 2025. 

For more information on this bill, please refer to the Colorado General Assembly’s website: