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Have You Thought About PERA Lately?

We understand if PERA hasn’t been top of mind for you, but keep in mind that, as someone formerly employed by a PERA-covered employer, you still have a lifetime PERA retirement income waiting for you once you’re ready.

As a former PERA-covered employee, your PERA contributions continue to work for you and gain interest. You may even be eligible to draw your PERA retirement income sooner depending on your work history.

To understand more about retirement income from PERA, go to and click the green “Member Login/Registration” button to register as a new user or log in to your account. If you have never logged in before, you can watch this video for help setting up your account.

Once on your PERA homepage, click on the tab that says “Termination Options” to see when you are eligible to begin drawing your retirement income and get a benefit estimate.


Register here to learn more about your PERA benefit in a webinar specially created for individuals who have left employment with PERA-covered employers.