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Five Benefits of Direct Deposit for Your PERA Benefit Check

Colorado PERA offers direct deposit to ensure your monthly benefit checks are securely deposited at your financial institution. Consider having your monthly benefit check automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. Direct deposit is:

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Reliable. Feel confident knowing your check is in your account on the last business day of the month. No waiting for checks to arrive so your bills can be paid.

A time-saver. Avoid driving time and lines at the bank.

Accessible. Log in to your account anytime and view your monthly benefit statements online.

Safe. Without the check to get lost, stolen, or delayed in the mail, there is less risk of fraud, identity theft, or forgery.

Green. You’ll use less gas without a trip to the bank and less paper without a paper check.

Signing up for direct deposit is easy. Just log in to your account and follow the prompts to update or add direct deposit information to your account.