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Eunice Botchway

School Division Candidate

Special Education Teacher (Mild/Moderate) in Adams-Arapahoe School District 28J (Aurora Public Schools)


Education/Special Courses/Certifications

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Special Education Generalist, Regis University

Master of Arts Degree (CLDE), Regis University

Special Education Leadership–Director (Current in post-graduate course work), Arkansas State University

Special Education (K-12) licensure

CLDE and Elementary Education (K-6) endorsement

CDE licenses: Elementary Education and Special Education Generalist

Employment History

Aurora Public Schools, 2020–Present

  • Special Education Teacher

Cherry Creek School District 5

  • English Language Support Specialist, 2019–2020
  • Special Education Teacher, 2019
  • READ Act Teacher, 2018–2019
  • Onsite-Director/ECE Instructor, 2014–2016
  • ECE Instructor, 2012–2014
  • ECE Teacher Assistant, 2011–2012

Organizational Affiliations/Achievements

Member, National Education Association

Member, Ambassador Fellow, Colorado Education Association (CEA)

Member, National Association of Special Education Teachers

Responses to Key Questions

Candidate responses were limited to 100-150 words; responses have not been edited by PERA.

Interest in Serving as a PERA Trustee

Please briefly describe why you are interested in being elected to the PERA Board of Trustees.

Teachers and school district staff work hard to ensure that their future is set when it’s time for them to retire. As one of those many public servants, I want all who have contributed to the PERA Fund to know that their retirement fund is safe. My interest in being elected to the PERA Board of Trustees position is to represent all educators by serving them and providing support and accountability as they prepare for retirement. The job of the Board of Trustees is to ensure members are financially set for retirement.

Challenges/Opportunities Facing PERA

Please describe what you consider as areas of challenge/opportunity facing PERA and the Board’s role in addressing these issues.

One area of opportunity is the PERA and its Board collaborating with members to ensure transparency to elevate trust. I am a PERA member and want to know that my investment is safe, and the Board needs to assure contributors. With the issue with social security, the Board should take the opportunity to address members about the security of their investment. A challenge facing PERA and the Board is addressing and solving the teacher shortage problem and how it can affect the PERA fund.

The Role of a Trustee

What do you see as the role of a Trustee on the PERA Board?

A PERA Board of Trustees must be a trustworthy person representing their division and overseeing and managing members’ retirement investments.