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Colorado PERA’s 2023 Investment Stewardship Report Released

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Colorado PERA has released its 2023 Investment Stewardship Report highlighting how PERA works to promote the financial sustainability of the Fund. Members want to know what steps we are taking to keep costs low, how we advocate for strong and fair markets and evaluate the portfolio through different lenses, and the ways we incorporate relevant factors into our investment strategies. The Report addresses all of this in detail.

The Report demonstrates how we pursue the best financial outcomes in our investment of approximately $56 billion on behalf of our more than 670,000 members:

  • We protect members’ interests by watching costs.
  • We integrate relevant factors into our investment strategy.
  • We advocate for robust markets.
  • We evaluate exposures and recognize limitations.

“There is so much misinformation being spread about public pension funds, responsible investing, and ESG," says Tara Stacy, PERA’s Director of Investment Stewardship. “When we hear from stakeholders who want to know how PERA invests, we take the opportunity to educate them on our approach to financial sustainability. PERA exists to provide retirement benefits to hundreds of thousands of public servants in Colorado. That means we have a responsibility to prioritize financial value, not personal or political values, in our investment decisions.”

Get familiar with Colorado PERA’s investment stewardship in the following ways: