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Beat the Traffic: Get Help from PERA at Home

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The top three reasons Colorado PERA members visit our offices are to discuss account refunds and rollovers, the retirement process, and PERACare health benefits. If sitting in traffic sounds daunting, stay in your slippers because we have several ways to help you at home.


Our Leaving Employment page discusses why a member might leave their Defined Benefit Plan account(s) with PERA until retirement and what’s included in the amount of a refund or rollover.

If you decide to withdraw your PERA account, go to the Member and Retiree Forms page, click Refund/Rollover Request to access the Refund/Rollover of Your PERA DB Plan Account fact sheet, tax considerations, refund, rollover and direct deposit request forms, and additional related forms.

Retirement Process

We have a series of brief retirement planning videos to help you plan your PERA retirement. You’ll learn how to read your Highest Average Salary table, how to prepare for PERA retirement, what happens after you apply for retirement, and how PERACare works with Medicare (useful to know when you’re turning 65).

Our Retirement Process Webinar helps create your action plan for your last year before retirement, walk you through the application process, and cover other things you’ll need to know as you take this important step on your PERA journey.


PERA's health benefits program, PERACare, is available to retirees, benefit recipients, and their eligible dependents. The benefit programs offered by PERA include health, dental, and vision care programs, and you may enroll in any or all three types of coverage. The PERACare page walks you through all of it, including options for Pre-Medicare and Medicare.

While we welcome in-person visits, these resources may answer your questions and eliminate the need to fight traffic. If you still have questions and want to stay home, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-759-7372.