Board Election

In early May information on how to cast your vote and voting deadlines was sent to eligible members in the School Division. 

Review additional information on each of the candidates:

Current Trustees and their term expiration dates.


2018 Board Election Calendar

May 1

Additional candidate information posted on PERA website

May 1–7

Ballots mailed

May 23

Deadline for requesting a duplicate or special ballot*

May 31

Deadline for ballots to be postmarked; Internet and phone voting closes at midnight (Mountain time)

Mid June

Winning candidates will receive notification of preliminary election results

June 22

Presentation of certified election results to Board for approval and notification to all candidates of certified results after Board approval

July 2

Deadline for ballot recount requests*

* Date information/materials must be received by PERA.

Serving as a PERA Trustee

Serving as a PERA Trustee