Board Election

Each May, Colorado PERA holds an election for its Board of Trustees. If you are considering running for a seat on PERA's Board, review the information below.

Review a list of current Trustees and their term expiration dates.

Becoming a Candidate for the 2018 PERA Board Election

Who is eligible?

Any active member of PERA may become a candidate as a representative from his or her division (State*, School, or Local Government).

* The State Division seat for the 2018 election is open only to members employed in Higher Education.

What are the requirements?

To become a candidate and represent your division, you must submit the following documents:

  • A nomination petition signed by at least 100 active members from your division (State*, School, or Local Government)
  • A biographical sketch of 150 words or less

* Nomination petitions for State Division candidates may be signed by any State Division member and is not limited to only those employed in Higher Education.

When is the deadline to submit nomination petitions and biographical sketches?

The nomination petition and biographical sketch must be received at the Colorado PERA office no later than 4:30 p.m. (Mountain time) on March 1, 2018.

Who can sign the nomination petition?

Active members (those currently contributing to PERA) from your division are eligible to sign your candidacy nomination petition. It is suggested that you obtain more than the required 100 signatures in case any signatures are determined invalid or illegible.

How do I request a candidacy packet?

Packets are available through February 28, 2018, by sending an email to or by writing to:

Colorado PERA
Internal Audit Division
1301 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO  80203-5011

When will I know if I will be placed on the ballot?

Candidates will receive a letter of petition validation from PERA by March 13, 2018, pending completion of a background check. Colorado Revised Statutes § 24-15-203(8) does not permit any person to be a trustee of the PERA Board who has been convicted of a felony or any crime involving misappropriation of funds.

Board Election Calendar

January 2—Candidacy packets available
February 28—Last day candidacy packets available
March 1—Deadline for returning petitions and biographical sketch*
March 13—Candidate should receive letter of petition validation from PERA
March 14—Deadline for a candidate to withdraw*
March 16—Board waives election of any uncontested positions
March 16—Candidate list available from PERA (after March Board meeting)
March 16—Candidate should receive his/her edited biographical sketch from PERA
March 26—Deadline for candidates to return edited biographical sketch and additional candidate information for posting on PERA website*
May 1—Additional candidate information posted on PERA website
May 1–7—Ballots mailed
May 23—Deadline for requesting a duplicate or special ballot*
May 31—Deadline for ballots to be postmarked; Internet and phone voting closes at midnight (Mountain time)
Mid June—Winning candidates will receive notification of preliminary election results
June 22—Presentation of certified election results to Board for approval and notification to all candidates of certified results after Board approval
July 2—Deadline for ballot recount requests*

* Date information/materials must be received by PERA.

Serving as a PERA Trustee

Serving as a PERA Trustee