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5 Reasons to Connect With Your Health Care Carrier

Many health care insurance carriers have developed apps and interactive websites to enhance the enrollee’s health care experience. Creating an online account with your carrier usually only takes a couple of minutes, but the benefits can continue as long as you’re enrolled. Here are five reasons why creating an account or using a health care app can be beneficial:

  1. View digital ID cards and share them with your health care provider.
  2. Find providers that accept your plan. With some carriers you can even see patient reviews of the provider.
  3. Receive reminders of important services you might have missed.
  4. Get quick updates on the payment of your claims.
  5. Receive notifications about special programs you might be eligible for such as additional dental cleanings if you have a specific health condition, or free or discounted access to classes and health improvement programs.

You can create an account on the websites listed below and/or download the apps on your mobile device by searching for the app name in the Apple App Store, or Google Play on Android devices.

Anthemwww.anthem.comSydney Health
CVS Caremark/SilverScriptwww.caremark.comCVS Caremark
Kaiserthrive.kaiserpermanente.comKaiser Permanente
Cigna Dentalwww.mycigna.commyCigna
Delta Dentalwww.deltadentalco.comDelta Dental
VSPwww.vsp.comVSP Vision Care