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2021 Enhancements to the Retirement Notification Process

In an effort to better serve our employers with planning for the busy retirement season, we have made a change to the monthly retirement notification listing that is emailed on the first day of the month.

This notification will now include retirements for the current month, as well as any retirement applications we have received for the following month. 

As always, we ask that you not complete the Final Six Months’ Salary Report until you can accurately certify your employees' final pay. This helps to ensure an accurate calculation of retirement benefit payments.

Please contact your Employer Representative with any questions or concerns you may have.


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TO: Employer Name

FROM: Benefit Services Division

SUBJECT: Final Six Months' Salary Report

DATE: 04/27/2021

PERA has received a retirement application for the individual(s) listed below. However, we have not yet received a Final Six Months' Salary Report which is needed to calculate their benefits. Please complete and return the form(s) once you can accurately certify the final pay. This form may be completed online. If you need assistance completing the form online, please contact your Employer Representative.

John Doe      XXX-XX-3818       05/01/2021

Sue Smith      XXX-XX-0885       03/01/2021

NOTE: Premium deductions for a member enrolled in the PERA Life Insurance Program or a health care plan through the employer must be coordinated with the first deductions taken from his or her benefit check as a PERA retiree.

Thank you, 


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